On the 22nd of November, 2011, the World's first dating site and site of fixing relationship-related problems for people who practice Yoga and Tantra and people who study vedic vedic knowledge has began its work.

Currently the site is being updated and registration of new participants is temporary unavailable. Registration will resume in the new version of the site.

I am often addressed by people who practice Yoga, Tantra and use Vedic knowledge in their lives asking me to match them with a partner. I am being asked this by both women and men. Their reasoning is that they do not want to get involved with other people who have very different interests, a different way of thinking and way of life. It makes sense – someone who has engaged in Yoga or Tantra to some extent no longer wants to get back to the “old” way of life. No one likes to return to an inferior experience after a better one has been learned.
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