Terms of use for the site

Terms of use for the site

We welcome you to the world’s first dating site and site of fixing relationships-related problems for people who practice Yoga and Tantra and people who study Vedicknowledge. A discussion Forum has been opened on our site for people who practice Yoga and study Vedic knowledge. We hope that this will not only further communication in the virtual world, but will also encourage real-world making of acquaintances, meeting of people and making relationships, as well as will help you find like-minded people. We have made the Forum, and the rest depends on you – your willingness to change your circle of friends, and your participation. To be able to participate in the discussions of the Forum, you need to register on yogatantramates.com.

General terms that everyone must follow

- We insistently ask that, after registering, all participants upload their photo(!) to the profile and write a short description of themselves and their interests – the interaction between participants is based on mutual respect.

- Let’s participate in talking over opinions that are already expressed, the opening of new topics, and active discussions of the existing ones.

- If you have questions or suggestions regarding how the Forum works, send a private message to the administrator or post them on the Forum, in the sectionFunctionality of the Site and the Forum.

The following is forbidden on the site or the Forum:

- business activities;

- posting announcements, references and advertisements of commercial nature when they are not approved by the administration;

- sending commercial advertisements to the users of the site via electronic mail or private messaging;

- registering under several usernames;

- registering under a new username after the previous one has been blocked.

If the aforementioned terms are disobeyed, the user will be denied access to the site.