Yoga Tantra Mates

I am often addressed by people who practice Yoga, Tantra and use Vedic knowledge in their lives asking me to match them with a partner. I am being asked this by both women and men. Their reasoning is that they do not want to get involved with other people who have very different interests, a different way of thinking and way of life. It makes sense – someone who has engaged in Yoga or Tantra to some extent no longer wants to get back to the “old” way of life. No one likes to return to an inferior experience after a better one has been learned.


There is another problem – the Kali Yuga we are all living in. Kali Yuga is characterized by the fact that at least 75% of people’sKarma is negative. Furthermore, the strongest and most negative Karma is concentrated in their relationships. This is happening because the “lessons” of Karma are learned best when they delivered with strong impacts – the closer the relationship, the stronger the impact. A simple example: someone offends you on the bus and calls you stupid – you get upset, especially if you do not feel confident in the contrary, but in a day or two you forget about it. Yet, if you hear the same thing from your spouse, the pain will be much deeper and longer lasting. The situation is made worse by the fact that, according toJyotisha Veda or Vedic Astrology, your husband, wife or sexual partner is your killer. Unfortunately, this is not the time and place to explain how this manifests itself in life from the perspective of Vedic astrology, but it is enough to once again point out the well-known fact that the deepest pain is caused by the people closest to us. I explain this in detail in my lectures aboutKarma Yoga and Yoga of relationships, happiness and love. I wholeheartedly advise you to see these lectures or listen to them before starting a new life, so as not to repeat the old mistakes.
On our site, we are not only creating an opportunity for you to meet someone alike, but, most importantly, we are giving you the chance to evaluate your compatibility and, accordingly, to evaluate the potential of your future relationship. You are also provided the absolutely unique opportunity of transforming your relationship Karma via ancient Vedic and Tantric methods that allow for radical changes in your “private life” and improvements in relationships.

Having studied Vedic and Tantric sciences for 35 years, taught them for 22 years and consulted almost sixty thousand people on topics including relationships, I decided to create more than a special site for people to meet – I decided to make a place where people with special interests could solve the whole complex of problems associated with relationships.

There will be a fee for registering on the site, although a purely symbolic one. This is done to filter out accidental passers-by, adventure seekers and “free-loaders”, so only people with a real need and sincere interest will remain, because the site is for people who have serious intentions.

I hope that this first of a kind site for yogis, tantrists and people interested in the Vedic tradition will be of value to you.

Wishing you success,
Guru Shiva Vākya Siddha Baba